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Porter Flea AirCraft in review

>> Sunday, June 9, 2013

up up and away book

I have always loved the Porter Flea show in Nashville, even before I took part. In fact, the first ever Porter Flea took place on the first weekend we moved to the city. Since I have been participating, the show has gotten bigger and better, and this time around I was especially excited to debut a lot of fresh work. Most of what I showed was new, and after a very busy week, I got to display everything in a completely new booth setup, with new signage, shelving and tablecloths.
In my latest work, I've been incorporating screenprinting, including for my "Up, Up, and Away" line of travel journals. The idea for these little journals was jumpstarted by the show's organizers, who asked that each returning artist create an "exclusive" product for the show. A few of us chose aviation themes because the event was hosted in our neighborhood's former airport. My travel journals (above) were screenprinted with an original illustration of a Beechcraft airplane.

I also finished a few Coptic bound books with screenprinted covers. For these (see the magenta patterned book below), I began with sketches from a trip to the Frist Center, which inspired the repeating patterns that I screenprinted onto a variety of handmade lokta papers, and used to wrap the book covers. I'll share more about this process soon.

And I can't forget to mention my new Instagram photo albums. These square format leather books are perfect for Instagram and Polaroid prints. I've bound one for my husband's photos and one for mine, and I proudly displayed those as examples, garnering many excited responses. I was also happy to meet show-goers who also believe in printing out their digital photos, which really does make the images more special.

Katie Gonzalez bookbinding linenlaid&felt Nashville

handmade books Nashville Katie Gonzalez
I've mentioned that the show took place at Cornelia Fort Airpark, a place with a very interesting history. I think the venue worked really well. Lots of space, wide aisles, and a playful setup allowed people to enjoy the art and have a chance to visit one of the most unusual, little-known places in the neighborhood. 

We did get some rain — two short downpours and a third lengthy one — but the hangars held up well, and people were able to flock indoors with plenty of space.

Cornelia Fort Airpark East Nashville Porter Flea AirCraft 2013
I enjoyed seeing some of my Porter Flea friends, including Simon & Ruby, 400 Moons, and Monday Mint, as well as a new art show friend, Allison, of Shutters and Shuttles, with whom I've been recently collaborating.

It was also great to see Dolan Geiman at the Flea for the first time. Lucky for us, we were positioned within sight of his work, including some of his latest monumental collages.
Camp Nevernice Shutters and Shuttles art card scarf

Suspended Realms of Reality paper art Nashville
Finally, as always, there are tons of other great photos from the event. I've shared only a few of my own here, but you can see more at these links:

:: Facebook photo album
:: Porter Flea photo album
:: Photo booth video by Claudia Kay

East Nashville flag pennant Pine Street Makery


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