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A big birthday sale in my Etsy shop

>> Thursday, August 14, 2014

Handmade books by Katie Gonzalez of linenlaid&felt in Nashville

For the first time ever, I'm hosting a sale in my Etsy shop. In celebration of my birthday this month, I've put more than a dozen books on sale. 
Throughout August, you'll save up to $20 per book on my high-quality hardcover Coptic bound books and a few other styles. Take a look at the sale section, and pick out your new favorite journal.

This sale will help me make room in my studio for some of the new designs I've been working on. You can see some of those books in my shop now, and I'll be adding more throughout the month (like 
new leather Instagram photo albums, hardcover books with my original screenprinted patterns, and softcover notebooks) so check back often. 


Unknown September 3, 2014 at 9:16 AM  

Well that just means your enterprise has progressed enough for you to afford to be more flexible and fairly daring in your selling strategies. Nice! I'm sure you've got enough reserve capital to back up a price cut to lure more buyers in, or that you have cultivated enough of an audience that will patronize your work and hype them up enough as important. Not an easy feat, so the fact you are at this stage is quite the good sign. Etsy should have only helped matters. All in all, kudos!

Ed Campbell @ Champion Online Marketing

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