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Where did you learn bookmaking?
I first studied book arts and papermaking in 2006 in Cortona, Italy (pictured above) through a University of Georgia study abroad program. I merge my graphic design and fine art background into my work, and enjoy blending contemporary aesthetic with traditional techniques.

What inspired the name linenlaid&felt?
I've always had an attention to detail, so when it comes to the world of books, the papers I use are a top consideration. Texture gives each paper its unique fingerprint. It's what sets two seemingly similar cream sheets apart. Paper has many textures, including the namesakes for my business: linen, laid, and felt. Linen paper is embossed to resemble linen cloth. Laid paper is distinguished by a texture reminiscent of handmade paper with lines impressed by papermaking molds. Felt paper features a finish applied with felts for a distinctive weave.

What can I do with a handbound book?
In a tech-savvy time, many people I meet at art shows ask this question with a sense of wonderment. My answer usually begins with journals, but extends to include many other options. A handmade book can be a sketchbook, baby book, wedding guest book, photo album, scrapbook, gardening journal, travel journal, address book, birthday book, day planner, or artistic display.

Did you really make the entire book?
The answer is yes. I do not use any kits or prefabricated materials. Everything is done by hand. I cut, tear, fold, glue, and sew everything myself to create one-of-a-kind books.


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