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Handmade Books

My handmade books can become a sketchbook, baby book, wedding guest book, photo album, scrapbook, gardening journal, travel journal, address book, birthday book, day planner, or artistic display.

I bind all of these books by hand using traditional techniques and my eye for color, pattern, and texture. The archival materials I use make these books long-lasting and tangible works of art.

You can view my portfolio below and learn about a few of my favorite binding styles. To continue on, please also visit, my:

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Portfolio of my handmade books:

A guide to the binding styles:

Developed by early Christians in Egypt, Copts were using this chain stitch by the 2nd century A.D. Stitching is decorative and practical, allowing pages to lay flat when open for journaling or sketching. Great as a wedding guest book.

Japanese Stab Binding
Double-thick spines allow these books to fill with photos without bulging. Diverse stitching styles create unique effects. The perfect photo album.

Italian Long-stitch
A simple stitch allows for many variations and embellishments. Europeans used this style as early as the 1700s, often for journals and sketchbooks.

Also known as an accordion fold, these books are made with folds and cuts alone.  No adhesives or stitching here.  These typically small books are good as upgraded greeting cards or pocket-sized notepads.


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