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Porter Flea

>> Monday, July 11, 2011

On Saturday, Tony and I discover yet another thing to love about our new neighborhood.  We stopped by Porter Flea, the first of hopefully many handmade markets in East Nashville.  We've only lived in Nashville for about 10 days, and we're already falling in love with this city and all that it has to offer.  

The Porter Flea art show had a top-notch group of vendors selling all sorts of goods from jewelry to furniture, and everything in between.  Friendly Arctic was printing awesome East Nashville map posters right then and there.  Because of our love of maps and our growing collection of silkscreened map posters, Tony couldn't resist buying the very first completed print.  We're looking forward to getting our new apartment set up so we can get our new poster on display. 

Alongside Andy and Brendan of Friendly Arctic, the show was also organized by Katie (who makes upcycled t-shirt necklaces) and Jessica (whose linocut prints can be seen below, and in her Pine Street Makery etsy shop).  Of course I'm partial to Jessica's book prints, but my husband was loving the El Camino print. 

Some of my other personal favorites at the show were Modern Arks (gorgeous coffee tables and end tables made from crates and other reclaimed wood), Studio Fjord (I really enjoyed chatting with Tracey about her jewelry), and 400 Moons (they sell terrariums filled with all types of succulents).  Succulents are some of my favorite plants because Tony proposed to me in a greenhouse filled with succulents, and we also used them to decorate the tables at our wedding reception -- exactly two years ago today!


Lizzie July 12, 2011 at 8:28 AM  

Oh, Happy Anniversary Katie!

Will you be on the "other side of the counter" at the next meeting of the Market? Sounds as if you really should be there too!!
Love the prints and lino cuts. Those tables are pretty cool too.

It's lovely that you are finding so many great things and places in your new home city.

Katie July 12, 2011 at 9:53 AM  

Oh, I hope so! We just found out about this show a few days after we moved to town so it was too late for me to participate. But they will likely be putting on a holiday show, so I will definitely apply for that one.

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